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Main » 2013 » May » 15 » Flash on Sun, May 15, 2013, a class" X ". Photo. Cosmological forecast magnetic storms.
Flash on Sun, May 15, 2013, a class" X ". Photo. Cosmological forecast magnetic storms.
The fourth consecutive powerful explosion occurred on the Sun-May 15, 2013, which can lead to problems with radio communications on Earth, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Institute of Applied Geophysics Hydromet (IPG).

"Around 0600 medium (02:00 UTC) all in the same active region, as yesterday, there was an outbreak of class X, is the fourth in two days. Unusually vigorous activity of this group continues, but it geoeffectiveness is still small, and the main effect is to deterioration of the conditions of radio propagation on the illuminated side of the Earth during the outbreak, "- said the source.

Solar flash depending on the power of X-ray radiation are divided into five classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0.0 corresponds to the radiation power in the orbit of the Earth in 10 nanowatts per square meter. When you move to the next letter of the power is increased tenfold. Outbreaks are often accompanied by emission of solar plasma. If the plasma cloud reaches Earth's magnetic storm begins.

Recent outbreaks have become the most powerful burst of solar activity from October 23, 2012, when the Sun X-ray flare occurred class X1.8.

Solar flares

The sudden burst of solar activity does not give reason to speak of a "turning point" in the behavior of the stars, told RIA Novosti the laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI) Sergei richer. However, according to Bogachyova until a group of sunspots, which are associated with the outbreak, is still beyond the edge of the sun, and now "it is not clear what it looks like, so this prediction (new outbreaks) can not be given."

He said it was too early to talk about the global change of the trend in solar activity, which has recently been fairly calm. As previously reported, the solar activity in 2011 instead of the expected output to the maximum stopped growing and last year was four times lower than the maximum values ​​recorded during the 260 years of continuous observations.

The scientist said that the largest outbreak in the history of observations of the Sun at the end of 2003 occurred on the decay of the previous solar cycle. At the same time, NASA experts earlier speculated that perhaps instead of a single peak in 2012, the maximum will actually be a "two-headed", with peaks in 2011 and 2013.

Solar shots this time were not directed at Earth, but how much energy at all, still do not understand even the scientists. Read more >>

RIA Novosti reported.



As was said earlier in the cosmological site security, fire forming an exact square between Uranus and Pluto. The activity of the Sun by a powerful cosmological factors-gravity, energy and torsion fields and rays distant stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies.

Quote from the report, "The third solar flare-May 14, 2013, a class" X ". Photo. Cosmological forecast magnetic storms":

Given the cosmological factors, exact square of Uranus-Pluto-May 21, 2013 - in the coming days, from 14 to 31 May 2013 - expected a strong magnetic storm, the resonance failures of power grids, nuclear power plants , on the Internet on regional energy and computer networks.

Subject to harsh, dangerous surges in the network. To take all necessary safety precautions.

The exact square Uranus-Pluto-May 21, 2013.

Cosmological line-geomagnetic storm, the perturbation of the ionosphere, failures in the power networks, computer networks, satellite, navigation systems, air crashes, accidents at nuclear power plants, seismic activity, volcanic activity, abnormal processes in the atmosphere, the ionosphere, the geosphere planet Earth.

Research links seismic activity, volcanic activity, intensive demonstration of the elements, man-made accidents and disasters from space factors, the gravitational fields are maintained in the method of "Astrology as a security system." Software-astroprocessor ZET GEO.

Andrey Andreev-kosmoritmolog.

Astrology as security-Praemonitus praemunitus-forewarned is forearmed.

Prediction of magnetic storms on May 2013.
Category: Projections, forecasts | Views: 1462 | Added by: Andrey-Andreev | Tags: flash in the sun, the magnetosphere, forecast magnetic storms, prediction of solar activity, the magnetic storm, the ionosphere | Rating: 0.0/0
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