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Main » 2013 » September » 25 » Earthquake in Pakistan September 24, 2013. Information, prognosis.
Earthquake in Pakistan September 24, 2013. Information, prognosis.
In Pakistan, 24 September 2013 there was a magnitude 7.7 earthquake resonance at a depth of about 20 km. Probable severe damage and casualties.

Grand Cross of the configuration of the planets caused seismic activity on the activation of the Cordilleran, Andean, Alpine-Himalayan seismic zones in the autumn of 2013.

In autumn 2013 the main resonant earthquake most likely to occur in regions adjacent to the Cordilleran, Andean, Alpine-Himalayan and other seismic zones. Need for regular monitoring of the seismic situation in these regions.

Seismic zones of the Earth.

MOSCOW, Sept. 24 - RIA Novosti. At least five people were killed on Tuesday in Pakistan, a powerful earthquake, according to Agence France Presse, referring to the police.

According to some data the U.S. Geological Survey, the magnitude 7.7 earthquake has left. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the quake was located in the province of Baluchistan, 66 kilometers north-east of the city Avaran, the earthquake lies at a depth of 20 kilometers.

RIA Novosti reported.

These EMSC-European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre.

Magnitude Mw 7.7
Date time 2013-09-24 11:29:49.0 UTC
Location 27.07 N; 65.56 E
Depth 20 km
Distances 798 km NE of Muscat, Oman / pop: 797,000 / local time: 15:29:49.0 2013-09-24
284 km NW of Karachi, Pakistan / pop: 11,624,219 / local time: 16:29:49.0 2013-09-24
168 km S of Khārān, Pakistan / pop: 30,841 / local time: 16:29:49.0 2013-09-24
119 km NW of Bela, Pakistan / pop: 20,119 / local time: 16:29:49.0 2013-09-24

Gravity acts on the region ray star Aldebaran. Fired seismic wave moon.

The projection of the planets in the region of the earthquake, September 24, 2013.

At the time of the earthquake in Pakistan, 24 September 2013 - 11:29:49.0 UTC:

In connection Zenith Saturn-Venus-Proserpine. Mars at the Sunset below the horizon. Luna in the Depth of the sky, IC, in trine to the Sun on the border of 8 sector-house.

Sun in conjunction with the point of SGC-Center Supergalaxy-strong seismic response.

On seismic activity in the regions adjacent to the Cordilleran, Andean, Alpine-Himalayan and other seismic zones, began to operate the Grand Cross of the planets-Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Sun. Seismic response.

The earthquake in Pakistan- September 24, 2013 -   occurred in Zone 9 of the cosmological outlook for September 2013.

In the forecast of the dates of the resonance of seismic activity in the area of 9 - probability - 65 - 85% - 1, 2, 5, 11 - 12, 15 - 16, 18, ​​20, 24 - 25, 30/09/2013.

Still a possibility of resonant earthquakes in the region and adjacent areas of seismic activity - in the transition zone of Mercury in Scorpio, September 29, 2013.

For a more accurate prediction of seismic events, cooperation cosmology kosmoritmologii with seismic, volcanic monitoring services, accounting pre-shock foreshocks in seismically active regions.

Only the combination of cosmological and seismic factors, the actual seismic data of resonance in, rattling seysmozone-able to give an accurate prediction of earthquakes within one day.

Cosmology allows you to specify the dates of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in seismically active regions, up to one day.

The next date of increase of seismic activity, volcanic activity on the resonance of tectonic faults in subduction zones, active seysmozone:

Reversal of Pluto in direct motion-September 20, 2013 - seismic response + - 14 days.

Ingress of the Sun in the sign of Libra, September 22, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.

Ingression of Mercury in Scorpio, September 29, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.

New Moon, October 5, 2013 - seismic response + - 5 days.
Solar activity acts on the Earth's geosphere and this has caused seismic activity in the resonance regions.

Magnetic Storm 23 September 2013. Monitoring. Weather.

Major seismic resonance-August 30-September 4, 2013.

Current seismic picture of cosmology from a position similar to the seismic picture of the fall of 2010. When, after the configuration of the planets T-square Jupiter, Uranus-Saturn-Pluto in August 2010 - the fall of 2010 came to an active state, many resonant rattling seysmozony.

The configuration of the planets in August 2013 - the Grand Cross in cardinal signs caused an even greater effect of resonance.

Already it is clear that a large TV Configuration planets cross in August 2013 caused a seismic response on the Pacific Ring of Fire, and on the Alpine-Himalayan seismic belt.

Large cross-Uranus-Jupiter-Venus-Pluto-August 25, 2013 - seismic response + - 7 days.

Caused by the action of cosmological factors seismic response will not fade. Because then, in time, forming another Grand Cross of the planets, with Mercury, the additional factor of the resonance-squaring Mars-Saturn.

Large cross-Uranus-Jupiter-Mercury-Pluto-September 14, 2013 - seismic response + - 7 days.

The exact square Mars-Saturn-September 9, 2013 - Resonance + - 5 days. Japan. Central Europe. California.  

Then formed the third wave resonance Grand Cross of the planets with the Sun.

Large cross-Uranus-Jupiter-Sun-Pluto-October 3, 2013 - seismic response + - 7 days.  

Overall, we have three waves of space and seismic resonances, which is likely to cause the final quarter of seismic wave resonances. Figuratively speaking, the ninth wave resonance of seismic events at the turn of October and November 2013.

Connect Saturn Proserpine in Scorpio October 20-November 10, 2013. Seismic response + - 7 days.

At this time, Saturn reaches its highest speed in 2013. This is a powerful resonance seismic events.

Research links seismic activity, volcanic activity, intensive demonstration of the Elements with Space factors, the gravitational fields of the planets, the solar activity, torsion fields and beams of near and far space-Fixed Stars, Nebulae, Galaxies, conducted in the method of "Cosmology, Astrology as a security system" . Software-astroprocessor ZET GEO.

Andrey Andreev-kosmoritmolog.

Cosmology, Astrology as security-Praemonitus praemunitus-forewarned is forearmed.

Seismically active regions of the globe .
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