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Main » 2013 » August » 17 » Earthquake of August 17, 2013. Information, prediction for seismic activity at the end of August 2013.
Earthquake of August 17, 2013. Information, prediction for seismic activity at the end of August 2013.
To illustrate earthquake monitoring stress seismic sound August 17, 2013 pockets on Andreanovskih islands off Canada, two earthquakes on the mid-Atlantic Ridge in the Atlantic Ocean, the area of joint of tectonic plates in Papua New Guinea, continuing seismic activity in New Zealand, the islands of Tonga.

During the full moon of August 21, 2013 complex gravitational waves of the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the moon will have an impact on the Andreanovskie Island, the mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Azores Islands, Papua New Guinea.

The projection of the gravitational waves of the planets on the island Andreanovskie-August 21, 2013.

The projection of the gravitational waves of the planets on the mid-Atlantic Ridge near the Azores Islands-August 21, 2013.

In these regions, in the period of the full moon-August 21, 2013, first of all, the likely magnitude of about 7 sejsmosobytiâ resonance and more.

Indirect seismic assault could trigger new waves of seismic activity in New Zealand and on the tectonic plate of the Juan de Fuca Canada from Vancouver Island.

In these regions the resonance magnitude 7 sejsmosobytiâ and more, most likely in the range of the gravitational resonance from planetary configurations-Grand Cross-August 25, 2013.

Indirect seismic assault during this time can cause seismic activity on the isthmus of Panama, in Central America, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The projection of the gravitational waves of the planets on the isthmus-August 21, 2013.

The projection of the gravitational waves of planets on Indonesia-August 21, 2013.

For a more precise forecast, sejsmosobytij requires the cooperation of cosmology, kosmoritmologii with seismic, volcanic monitoring services, integration of preliminary tremors-foršokov in seismically active regions.

Only the combination of cosmological and seismic data on relevant factors of seismic activity in the rezonasnyh, drebezžaŝih sejsmozonah-can give an accurate prediction of earthquakes within one day.

Cosmology allows you to specify the date of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in seismically active regions with precision of up to one day.

Next dates of seismic activity, volcanic activity on the resonance of the tectonic faults in subduction zones, active sejsmozonah:

Ingression of Venus in the sign of Libra, August 16, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.

Full Moon, August 21, 2013 - seismic response + - 5 days.

GC-active point of the Galactic Center-seismic cosmological factor.

Ingress of the Sun in Virgo, August 23, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.

Ingression of Mercury in Virgo, August 24, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.

Large cross-Jupiter-Venus-Pluto-Uranus-August 25, 2013 - seismic response + - 7 days.

Ingress of Mars in Leo, August 28, 2013 - seismic response + - 3 days.
Study links seismic activity, volcanic activity, a manifestation of the elements with the space factors, the gravitational fields of planets, Solar activity, torsion fields and rays of near and outer space-fixed stars, Nebulae-Galaxy-maintained in the method of "Cosmology-Astrology as a security system". Software-astroprocessor ZET GEO.

Andrey Andreev-kosmoritmolog.

Cosmology-Astrology as a security system-Praemonitus praemunitus-who predosterežen is forearmed.

Seismically active regions of the globe .

Earthquake prediction in the fall of 2013. Cosmological seismic factors.
Category: Earthquakes | Views: 2330 | Added by: Andrey-Andreev | Tags: the earthquake in New Zealand, Short-term earthquake prediction, cosmological outlook, forecasts of Earthquakes, earthquake prediction | Rating: 0.0/0
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