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Main » 2013 » May » 21 » Scientists can not actually predict the occurrence of tornadoes in the United States. On the prediction of natural disasters.
Scientists can not actually predict the occurrence of tornadoes in the United States. On the prediction of natural disasters.
Storms that plague the United States, the radio station "Voice of Capital" discussed with the browser Yaroslava Kobinets.

More than 90 people have died as a result of the devastating tornadoes in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. In hospitals, there are more than a hundred people, many of them - in a critical condition. Rescuers are still searching for survivors and eyewitnesses of the tragedy called the incident apocalypse. Meanwhile, forecasters say the high probability of new tornadoes. About what is happening in the States, the radio station "Voice of Capital" talked to the international columnist Yaroslava Kobinets.

"Voice of the Capital": What is the situation in Oklahoma? Rescuers managed to find survivors of this terrible disaster?

Jaroslav Kobinets: Well, as long quest are still held. Tornado was really very devastating, said that one of the most destructive in the past 50 years, how many tornadoes recorded history.

"Voice of the Capital": But it's not in the States and in Oklahoma?

Jaroslav Kobinets: In Oklahoma, yes. Wind speed was 320 km / h., You can imagine that it's just a terrible force. If you watch the video with the bird's eye view on the town itself Moore, who suffered the most from the tornado, they will see the houses that are just swept away like a house of cards. This all sounds very scary, and the worst is that it is now looking for more children, because half of the victims they. Tornadoes hit hard by the two schools, and a lot of children are reported missing. Parents are on the scene are not allowed. In addition, the affected hospitals, banks, post offices and now in the state capital set up temporary shelters for those left homeless, people are very scared, eyewitnesses say that hid from a tornado in the basement, in other repositories, and because of that and survived.

"Voice of the Capital": At what time of the brunt of the elements?

Jaroslav Kobinets: It was morning.

"Voice of the Capital": Destructive Elements - unfortunately, not so rare for the United States. Last week, a tornado has covered several smaller power Texas. Explain whether the cause of the abnormal phenomena professionals?

Jaroslav Kobinets: Experts say that in the case of a tornado, they are practically powerless. Because if forecasters can track the emergence of large storms, then that's the time when these elements turn it into a tornado, is almost impossible to predict. Moreover, if disaster like Hurricane Sandy, tied to global climate change, the tornado can not associate with them, as Globally, it's a pretty small thing. But statewide - it really is the apocalypse.

South of the U.S. - the most frequently suffers from devastating tornadoes. On average, each year from these 70 people are killed. But this year, statistics tornado is several times higher, because the last few days in Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, last week we heard about Texas, recorded about 30 tornadoes, and at the same promise new elements. Besides that killed many people, this is a very serious loss to the economy. We can recall that Hurricane Sandy last year cost the U.S. $ 75 billion, and this year the weather losses already are 3.5 billion, and now they have added to the damage tornadoes in Oklahoma. One can imagine that this is a very serious consequences both for the city, both for the state and for the entire U.S..

Statistics say that Oklahoma is not the first time suffering from the devastating tornado, the element is not smaller force hit the state 14 years ago. Then, killing 36 people, and to return to a normal life took more than two months.



Ancient Cosmology Cosmic Knowledge allows you to make accurate predictions of intensive demonstration Elemental disasters.


From the Forecast manifestation of the Elements 2013. Publication, January 17, 2013:

Predominant Elements of the Year 2013:

Until June 26, 2013 - Element of Air and Water, Jupiter in Gemini, Saturn in the sign of Scorpio.

Since June 26, 2013 - on 18/09/2015 - Element of Water and Air - Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in the sign of Scorpio.

The active elements of air, atmospheric anomalies, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, wind storms.

Active Element of Water-flood, abnormal rainfall, flooding areas, floods, tsunamis.

Given the match-squaring Uranus-Pluto, Uranus turns, Pluto anomaly in the geosphere, atmosphere, Earth, - note the following critical dates.

The exact date and resonant aspect squaring Uranus-Pluto:


The exact square Mars, Uranus-Pluto-20 - March 23, 2013.

The exact square the Sun, Venus, Uranus-Pluto, 29-31 March 2013.

Reversal of Pluto in retrograde motion, April 12, 2013 - Resonance + - 2 weeks.

Squaring Uranus-Pluto-20.05.2013-resonance + - 2 weeks.

U-turn in reverse motion of Uranus, July 17, 2013 - Resonance + - 2 weeks.

Reversal of Pluto in direct motion-September 20, 2013 - Resonance + - 2 weeks.

Squaring Uranus-Pluto-01.11.2013 - Resonance + - 2 weeks.

Reversal of Uranus in direct motion-December 17, 2013 - Resonance + - 2 weeks.


Squaring Uranus-Pluto-04.23.2014, 15.12.2014;


Squaring Uranus-Pluto-17.03.2015;

Transit of Saturn in the sign of Scorpio-5.10.2012-18.09.2015.

Compliance-critical, resonant manifestation of all the Elements, the anomalies in the geosphere planet Earth.

Research links seismic activity, volcanic activity, intensive demonstration of the Elements with Space factors, the gravitational fields of the planets, the solar activity, torsion fields and beams of near and far space-Fixed Stars, Nebulae, Galaxies, conducted in the method of "Astrology as a security system." Software-astroprocessor ZET GEO.

Andrey Andreev-kosmoritmolog.

Astrology as security-Praemonitus praemunitus-forewarned is forearmed.

Post- "The power of hurricanes will increase. forecast hurricanes, 2013 - 2015."
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