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Main » 2015 » February » 16 » Forecast World of seismic activity in 2015. Declination of the planets in 2015.
Forecast World of seismic activity in 2015. Declination of the planets in 2015.

In astronomy, the term adopted Declination of the planets. In studies of the method "Cosmology as security" it became clear that the greatest decline of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn in conjunction with other factors causing cosmic resonance destructive force of the earthquake.

The forecast global seismic activity in 2015 indicated time zony- extremes of seismic activity on the basis of the schedule declinations of planets in 2015.

Schedule declinations of planets 2015. The program astroprotsessoru Zet Geo .

In red on the chart marked extremes - the maximum declination of the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, 2015. The blue color observed maximum negative Saturn decline throughout 2015.

The side of the chart scale by month. 1 January, 2 February.

Resonance temporary band-April-August 2015.

Maximum ekstremum- 15 July-15 August 2015 year- exact square Jupiter- Saturn, on the background of the maximum declination of Jupiter and Saturn. Powerful seismic response, which can cause the activation of resonance, rattling seismic zones on the planet Earth in the middle of 2015 and beyond.

Possible activation supervolcano in Yellowstone US-, Japan- Aira caldera , Indonezii- volcano Toba , New Zelandii- Taupo volcano .

Resonant date in 2015. Spreads and ingression of the planets. The seismic response + - 2 weeks.

Time zone: 02: 00: 00

12.01.2015 12:20:12> Psc Mars

10.02.2015 14:19:56 R Proserpine 14 ° 57'43 "Sco

20.02.2015 2:11:16> Ari Mars

14.03.2015 17:02:53 R Saturn 4 ° 55'48 "Sgr

31.03.2015 18:26:25> Tau Mars

8.04.2015 18:57:08 D Jupiter 12 ° 35'26 "Leo

8.04.2015 23:21:20 D Varuna 25 ° 54'13 "Cnc

17.04.2015 5:55:16 R Pluto 15 ° 32'46 "Cap

12.05.2015 4:40:14> Gem Mars

12.06.2015 11:07:48 R Neptune 9 ° 49 '2 "Psc

15.06.2015 2:35:31> Sco Saturn

24.06.2015 13:36:20 R Chiron 21 ° 33'20 "Psc

24.06.2015 15:32:54> Cnc Mars

26.07.2015 12:37:48 R Uranus 20 ° 30'10 "Ari

30.07.2015 10:57:26 D Proserpine 13 ° 49'14 "Sco

2.08.2015 7:52:20 D Saturn 28 ° 16'57 "Sco

9.08.2015 1:32:12> Leo Mars

11.08.2015 13:11:22> Vir Jupiter

18.09.2015 4:49:13> Sgr Saturn

25.09.2015 4:17:42> Vir Mars

25.09.2015 8:57:43 D Pluto 12 ° 58'29 "Cap

30.10.2015 18:38:41 R Varuna 29 ° 10'54 "Cnc

12.11.2015 23:40:40> Lib Mars

18.11.2015 18:31:07 D Neptune 7 ° 1 '8 "Psc

28.11.2015 8:42:26 D Chiron 16 ° 56'18 "Psc

26.12.2015 5:52:27 D Uranus 16 ° 33'30 "Ari

The most powerful, resonant seismic event will take place in mid-2015, in the areas of the gravitational influence of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Resonance seismic event under the influence of uranium squaring Pluto, gravitational perturbations near and far space most likely within the range of the gravitational wave Pluto.

Help. Declination (δ) in astronomy - one of the two coordinates of the equatorial coordinate system. Is equal to the angular distance on the celestial sphere from the plane of the celestial equator up to the light and is usually expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds of arc. Declination positively to the north of the celestial equator and negative to the south of it.


In mid-February 2015 formed an exact square Saturn- Neptune. Cosmological sootvetstvie- seismic activity on the ocean submarine ridges, in island territories, on the coast of the oceans. Transit Saturn moon on February 13, 2015 has intensified gravitational perturbations between the Earth, Saturn and Neptunom- and caused seismic resonance at Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the island of Taiwan . On the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 2/13/2015 happened earthquake of magnitude 7.0.

In February-March-April 2015 is likely to continue the resonance of seismic activity on the ocean submarine ridges, the island of Taiwan.

On seismic activity will act turns the giant planets of the solar system- Saturn and Jupiter.

Reversal of Saturn in the opposite motion-March 14 2015- seismic response + - 14 days.

Reversal of Jupiter in direct motion-8 April 2015- seismic response + - 14 days.


In moments of resonant earthquakes with a magnitude over 6.0 in virtually 100% seysmosobytiy- planet of the solar system are located at the corner points of the horoscope kosmogrammy- events. Or at Voskhode- ASC and Zenite- on MC, 10 sector. Or on Zakate- on DSC and in depth the Sky in the IC. There are various options, but most often triggered aspect between planets kvadratura- in 70- 80% of the seismic events. Also on the seismic response can be triggered converging or decaying opposition of two or more planets in a closed configuration tau square. Then "sounds three corner points of the horoscope seismic event.

Strong seismic resonances cause the configuration of the planets and the Grand Cross of the small and big parade planetary stellium.

A high percentage of seismic resonance occurs in the time zone near the new or full moon, quarters of the moon, the moon in transit tochke- Galactic Center.

Date-resonance Novolunie- 19 February 2015- seismic response + - 3 days.

Research linking seismic activity, volcanic activity, intense manifestations of the Elements with cosmic factors, the gravitational fields of the planets, solar activity, torsion fields and beams Middle and Far Kosmosa- fixed stars, Tumannostey- Galaktik- conducted in the method "Kosmologiya- Astrology as security" . Software- astroprotsessoru ZET GEO.

Andrey Andreev kosmoritmolog.

Seismically active regions of the globe .

Ocean hrebty- fiery rivers in the oceans of the planet Earth.

Volcanic activity in 2012 .

Forecast World of seismic activity in 2015. Declination of the planets in 2015.

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