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Main » 2010 » November » 22
The Pluto and civilization. 

I not was able immediately, work begin under on method  Astrology as system to safety  explain, deep reasons of this work, these studies. 

But, passes time, and all become on their own place. 

The Main planet, noting cycles of the development, as modern, so and civilization, beyond all doubt is a Pluto. 


The Pluto- Vikipediya. 

It is Enough to recall the history Ancient Rome. All cycles of the development to empires pack in cycle Plutona-245-248 years. 

Pluto is found in orbital resonance 3:2 with Neptune on each three turns of the Neptune around Sun happens to two turns of the Pluto, whole cycle occupies 500 years:

* The Tsarist period (754/753   510/509 before n. e.). 
* Republic (510/509   30/27 before n. e.) o Early Roman Republic (509 265 gg. before n. e.) o Late Roman Republic (264-27 gg. before n. e.)
* The Empire (30/27 before n. e.   476 n. e.) o Early Roman empire. Principat (27/30 before n. e.   235 n. e.) o Crisis III age (235 284 gg.) o Late Roman empire. Dominat (284 476 gg.)

754+476=1230- 5 cycles of the Pluto. 

The Exact cycle of the Pluto to define until introduces possible. Since moment of its opening- February 18 1930, planet did not pass its full cycle. 

But motion on sign and date ingress Pluto at actual period, us known. 

So small symbolic analysis occurring change, since moment ingress Pluto in token Scorpion- its monastery. 

If Neptune in astrologies of the Era Aquarius to have charge of vibrations of Near Cosmos- still stars. That, Pluto answers and транслирует in Solar system of the vibrations of Distant Cosmos- stars and the Galaxies, unencountered naked eyes, and Dark Cosmos- Get dark matter, which else it is not enough is studied. 

But this the most powerful Cosmic flows, which and explain, why personalities with expressed by Pluto in horoscope, have very strong, significant influence upon Fates of the civilizations. 

And why in majority horoscope natural disasters, catastrophes, world wars is also tracked deep influence of the Pluto. 

For instance:

The First amicable agreement war began on join Saturn- Pluto. 

The Second amicable agreement war- squaring Saturn- Pluto. 

CHernobyliskaya catastrophe- opposition Sun- Pluto- in zone of the Moon eclipse on Pluto. 

The Wreckage tower Twin in NEW ... Read more »
Views: 1139 | Added by: Andrey-Andreev | Date: 22.11.2010 | Comments (0)


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